3 – Conducting a Killer Interview

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What you collect in the field is what you have to create your podcast. If you record bad tape you will probably have a podcast no one can or will listen to.

You don’t want to just grab your mic, stand in the middle of the subway and start talking. You don’t want to record an interview with music playing in the background. Imagine trying to listing to a really interesting interview and the song in the background keeps starting and stopping? Super annoying. Not many people will listen to more than a couple of minutes no matter how dedicated they are.

Your interview starts long before you hit “record”.

By now you have learned the Power of Podcasting, you understand the Fundamentals of Storytelling. You have an idea what story you want to tell and you’re ready to tell that story.

But who do you talk to? What questions do you ask? How do you get to the story inside the story? That’s what this course is about.

First, we will take a look at the challenges we all face to find the real story. Just because it’s important and the project helps people doesn’t automatically mean people will listen. You have to find a way to tell that story so your listeners WANT to listen.

Now you need to do some research and bounce ideas around. In the members only area you can share your story idea and have people you choose help bring dimension to your idea. To brainstorm and flesh it out. Just like the production meetings at major radio station, without the high salaries.

Next you need to find the right people to interview. We’re not just talking about the people involved but the right voices with the right story. There are some people that are better left alone.

Now were getting to the really fun stuff, the art of the interview. How do you craft the story and ask the right questions. How do you dig deep and follow the surprising twists and turns. There will be a lot of surprises and revelations that will make your story even richer. Maybe another episode or two.

You also need equipment. This is Field Podcasting, not studio podcasting, so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy buttons and sliders (unless you really want to). To get you started we will show you how to turn your mobile phone into a high quality portable recording studio. We’ll get you out the door for around $100 and give you an idea of field equipment you might want to buy when you’re ready to spend the big bucks.

You will learn how to record remotely anywhere in the world from your bedroom (actually the closet is best). And we will give you a three month free trial of the program that lets you do it. That will save you $57.

We have handouts with the right questions. Story Canvas to help you plan and one year free access to the members only private area with incredible resources. And if you want to start your own show we have the podcast incubator, where you can post your show on iTunes, Sticher, Google and all the major channels.

Discounts and Free Trials

  • Three months free trial remote recording program – $57
  • Creative Live class Power Your Podcast with Storytelling with Alex Blumberg – $29
  • One year free membership to the private members only area – $349
  • Sharing your story with the world – Priceless

So lets get started.