Our vision

We are Field Podcasters, trained to go out and collect the stories of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. People dedicated to helping people.

You are the conductor, these are the instruments and the symphony is the visual image you co-create with your listeners. An image that will last long after the tape is over.

Field Podcaster Training

The Field Podcaster program is designed to give you the tools, the training and the confidence to grab your mic, step out your door and start recording. You will know what makes “good tape”, how to conduct the interview, edit your program, add sounds and publish your podcast so the world can hear your story.

You have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it!

Why record your work?

When people are emotionally involved with your project they become a part of it. They share empathy with you and the people you are helping. They trust you, they know you are real and they want to help you.

As you will learn in this course, audio doesn’t lie. It is the only media where your listener becomes your partner, creating the images, people and scenes in their minds.

Why is this course effective?

Everything about this course is unique, designed to help you understand the power of audio, how to tell great stories and how to bring the sounds together and capture peoples attention.

It is interactive with both self-guided study and team collaboration. Much of the course is on a private podcast channel so you can listen and learn on your own time. Your time is valuable and we don’t want to waste a minute of it.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who are serving people and want to capture and share the experience. Whether you’re in a service club, a non-profit, an NGO or an Expat who wants to explore and share the stories in your new home, this course will give you the tools and training to create compelling audio stories. 

What do you get?

All the support and tools to go out there, collect powerful stories and share them with the world.
  • Handouts with the right questions
  • Story Canvas to help your planning.
  • One year free access to the members only private area with incredible resources.
  • Free podcast incubator, start your own show with all the help from people who share your committment. 
  • Your personal team. Online tools and private Facebook Group to support you.
All four of these lessons are included in this comprehensive program.

The Power of Podcasting

What is Podcasting, Powerful Storytelling, Formats and the Power of Emotion

Key Elements of an Engaging Story

Start With Why, the Secret to Engagement, The Power of the Story Formula

Conducting a Killer Interview

The Art of the Interview, The Power of the Right Question, The Nuts & Bolts of Interviewing

Podcast Editing – Telling the Story

The real story is in the editing. Timing and editing, adding music and sounds

the support you need

Your Personal Team

Every major podcast company has a team, and now you have one as well. Your team is bigger and you don't have to pay the high salaries.

Podcast Incubator

Start your own show in the safety of like minded people. People who are here to help.

Private Training

We respect your time. Instead of being chained to a computer to watch videos, listen to your training while you’re living with the private podcast.

Members only area

One full year subscription to the private area with a sound library we all build, resources and discounts.

Private Facebook group

Share your experiences, find team members, teach and learn from podcasters around the world.

Certified Field Podcaster

Once you complete the course work you will be eligible to apply for the CFP designation. This is an official designation that lets organizations know you are qualified to produce quality podcasts.

Private Members ONLY Area

The Private Members Area is where we share ideas and resources. Together we can take your topic and help you create the best story possible. Your private production team without the high salaries. There are a lot of other resources including sound and music libraries, support, members only discounts and much more.

Try Some Sample Lessons

Play Video

Matt Livadary
Key Elements of an Engaging Story

Matt is an award winning documentary storyteller and creative director. His goal is to create meaningful stories in all shapes and sizes – from documentaries to podcasts.


Your Training on Your Time

The power of podcasting is listening on your time. While you’re exercising. While you’re driving. While you’re living. You have a private podcasting channel so you can take the course wherever and whenever you want.


Telling the Story

The real power (and quite frankly the most fun) is in the editing. For a lot of people anything technical is pretty scary, but this is different. The Handout